Election Announcements

March/April/May 2019

Several members of the BPA’s Executive Committee are stepping down, and as a result we need to recruit members to take their place.

  • More details about the Executive Committee’s role can be found in the BPA Constitution.
  • The most recent list members of the Executive Committee can be found here (some of whom are stepping down).


We’re looking to fill six places on the committee – and we have an impressive list of 16 nominees for these posts.

  • Details about all 16 candidates for these posts can be found here
  • Please read through the candidate details before heading to our voting platform, Choice Voting, to cast your vote.
  • Voting will close at noon on Weds 22nd May 2019
  • The Choice Voting page for this election can be found here.
  • In order to vote, you will need your unique voter ID and voter KEY, and these have been sent to all members by email. Please get in touch with us if you haven’t receieved your voting details.


Further details about voting:

  • This election is being conducted by Single Transferable Vote.
  • Once you’ve logged in to Choice Voting you will be presented with the list of sixteen candidates for these six positions. You can click a ‘manifesto’ button on each candidate to remind yourself what they have said about themselves; these are the same details that can be found here.
  • You should select candidates from this list and place them in a ranked order: place your favourite candidate as number one, your second favourite as number two, and so on.

  • You can select and rank as many or as few candidates as you like. For example, you can rank all 16 candidates in your preferred order, or you can just pick and rank your preferred six candidates, or you can just select one or two if you find no others to be suitable.
  • Once you have finished ranking as many or as few candidates as you like, you need to click to submit your vote, using the green ’submit vote’ button.
  • This green button will turn grey once your vote has been registered.
  • If you take too long making your vote, the system may simply return you to the login screen when you click ’submit’, in which case you will have to log in and begin your selection again.

  • If you’re not sure whether you’ve voted or not, just login again using your unique Voter ID and KEY. If your vote hasn’t been registered, the ’submit’ button will be green. If your vote has been registered it will be grey (and your selection will appear in the order that is recorded for your vote).

Please contact us at admin@bpa.ac.uk  if you have difficulties in registering your vote, or if you need any other help voting.

Remember: voting will close at noon on Weds 22nd May 2019.