REF Consultation

HEFCE"s Consultation on draft panel criteria and working methods for the REF 2014 panels concludes on 5th October. Institutions, associations and individuals can make responses. These can be made online here.

The Consultation concerns the draft panel criteria and working methods. You can access the consultation here.

HEFCE has now published its "Assessment framework and guidance on submissions". This lays down the overall framework for REF2014 and what will be required of institutions. The document can be obtained here. Please note that this document is not up for consultation.

The REF team has provided PDFs of presentations that will give you a quick overview of the exercise. One of these, "REF general slides for panel chairs.pdf", available here, gives general information about the REF and consultation process; the other "Part 2D – REF consultation slides.pdf", available here, provides information specific to Philosophy"s main panel (Main Panel D – arts and humanities), and the consultation concerning its draft panel criteria and working methods.

UUK External Examiners consultation response

Click here to read. A bit of background to the consultation can be found in the blog archives for September 2010.

UUK External Examiners consultation

Deadline: 1 October. Consultation document here.

UUK, the QAA and Guild-HE are preparing a report on the state of external examiner arrangements in UK higher education. There have been NUS report and a parliamentary select committee report on the state of external examining recently, and this consultation is a result of those. Some snippets of the former two are on pp.27-29 of the consultation document; you can read the whole of the relevant bit of the select committee report here, sections 267-73, where it describes the supposed ‘jewel in the crown’ of UK higher education as ‘tarnished’ on the basis of, well, not a lot of evidence.

BPA response to REF consultation

You can read our response to HEFCE’s consultation on the Research Excellence Framework here.

BPA position paper on impact in the REF

You can read our position paper here; also the notes from the meeting we held in late October are here.