Journal of Nietzsche Studies

Number of submissions received annually: 

2013: 60

2012: 50

2011: 40

Percentage of submissions accepted 

2013: 15%

2012: 15%

2011: 10%

Percentage of submissions that receive at least one referee report: 50% 

Average time for manuscript review in months: 2

If possible, give details.

a. Editorial decision within 2 months: 60%

b. Editorial decision between 2 and 6 months: 40%

c. Editorial decision between 7 months and 1 year: 0%

d. Editorial decision of more than 1 year: 0%

The journal has a printed version. 

Average time from acceptance to print publication in months: 9 

The journal does not have an 'online first' system. 

Submissions are not anonymous to the editors. 

Submissions are anonymous to the reviewers. 

Demographic Information:

We understand that not all journals are able to provide the following information, and would encourage journal editors to consider collecting it. For information on the Good Practice Scheme, please see:

Good Practice Scheme 

Percentage of submissions by women: n/a 

Percentage of accepted articles by women: n/a 

Percentage of submissions by people from minority ethnic groups: n/a 

Percentage of accepted articles by people from minority ethnic groups: n/a 

Publisher: Penn State University Press 

Editor(s)-in-chief: Christa Davis Acampora 

Full name: Christa Davis Acampora 

Title/position: Executive editor, professor of philosophy 

Email address: 

Street address: Hunter College 695 Park Ave 

City: New York 

State/province: NY 

Zip/postal code: 10065 

Country: USA 

Journal of Nietzsche Studies