Association of Philosophy Teachers

Association of Philosophy Teachers

The British Philosophical Association is looking to set up a dedicated group for people teaching philosophy in schools: The Association of Philosophy Teachers (APT). Intended entirely for non-commercial purposes, the aim is to organise and gather teachers to help support and promote our subject by building a reciprocal relationship between UK philosophy teachers and the BPA.

At this early stage of the APT initiative, we’re keen to contact as many school/college philosophy teachers as possible, to try to track them all down and get the word out. We ask our members to pass along this announcement of this new initiative to any relevant contacts for philosophy teachers in schools that would be interested in being a part of an organised network: are there local schools or colleges that you work with? Philosophy A level groups that you support? 6th form colleges that you visit or collaborate with? Perhaps you have a ‘recruitment marketing’ person for philosophy with a network of relevant contacts?

It would be tremendously useful if you could help circulate this announcement, or send to any leads or contacts you may have that would be interested, and of course if you would be interested in participating! Please feel free to forward this appeal to anyone you think might be interested, including Facebook groups and social media platforms!

Aims and structure of the APT

APT would be a powerful advocate for philosophy in schools. It is our belief that the goods internal to the study of philosophy are vital for everyone’s intellectual and moral formation as well as being a prerequisite for engaged and informed democratic citizenship. APT exists to support the work of everyone who wishes to be a part of our project to further all young people’s access to high quality philosophy teaching in UK schools.

Founding aims:

  • To become a truly national (UK-wide) organisation with international links.
  • To have every school and college in which philosophy is taught in some form to join our association.
  • To become the first port of call for anyone interested in philosophy in schools.
  • To champion the existing work done to promote philosophy in schools by other individuals, groups and associations.


  • To ensure that the importance of philosophy is well understood by politicians and the wider public.
  • To vigorously support and defend philosophy in schools.
  • To improve the routes for progression of philosophy graduates into teaching.
  • To instigate an annual conference on the nature, methods and value of teaching of philosophy in schools.
  • Improve the connection between academic and school philosophy departments.
  • To develop branches and volunteer support networks.
  • To set up a central online hub through which the work of APT could be coordinated and disseminated.

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