The BPA are delighted to learn that the number of examination entries for the philosophy A-Level are projected to rise again this year. AQA, the exam board offering the UK’s only A level in Philosophy, has started the process of recruiting new examiners for the 2020 summer series and beyond.

Although some teaching experience is preferred, new examiners will now be considered so long as they have a degree in philosophy. Appropriate training will then be provided.

The role is especially suited to postgraduate students who may have some time to dedicate to the job, most days, over approximately four weeks. This provides the opportunity to earn some extra money in a condensed time period, while forging connections between the academy and schools in education and assessment.

All applications should be submitted through the AQA web-site, where philosophy is listed under the humanities section. Just click the following link:

If you have any questions or queries about what the job entails, feel free to contact the chief philosophy examiner, Dr. Jonathan Birch, at

The UK Government’s Department of Business, Innovation and Skills have appointed Lord Nicholas Stern to review the Research Excellence Framework. They issued a ’call for evidence’ in January 2016 (here), in order to (in their words) “explore some of the issues raised and investigate ways in which a simpler, lighter-touch, system for the REF might be developed.” The BPA contacted Heads of Departments of Philosophy around the UK to solicit responses, and we’re grateful to all of those who replied. We were helped enormously by Prof Alexander Bird, who was the Chair of the REF panel for philosophy in 2014 – his insights about the most pertinent issues likely to affect philosophy have been enormously useful. Our response is available here.

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