BPA/SWIP-UK Committee for Women in Philosophy

This Committee was established in 2010 for the purposes of compiling a report on the underrepresentation of women in UK philosophy, which was published in 2011. Our most recent project has been the development of the BPA/SWIP Good Practice Scheme. The Committee consists of some members of the BPA and SWIP-UK Executive Committees, together with a handful of invited external members.


Helen Beebee (Manchester), Jenny Saul (Sheffield; Director, SWIP UK))


David Archard (Queen’s University Belfast), Anita Avramides (Oxford), Maria Baghramian (University College Dublin; Chair, SWIP Ireland), Alexander Bird (Bristol), Joe Morrison (QUB; Director, BPA), Kimberley Brownlee (Warwick), Havi Carel (Bristol), Tim Crane (Cambridge), Chris Hookway (Sheffield), Paul Lodge (Oxford), Alessandra Tanesini (Cardiff)