Resources for Faculty:

  • UK Philosophy and COVID–19. A repository of the many important contributions made by philosophers at UK institutions during the global pandemic.
  • Philosophy Journals Survey – A survey from the BPA and APA of 43 philosophy journals
  • Research and Funding – Information and links for the issues involved in philosophical research, including the REF, career development for researchers and research funding
  • Learning and Teaching – Useful material from the Subject Centre for the Philosophical and Religious Studies Learning and Teaching Support Network, as well as other articles and reports on pedagogy in philosophy

Resources for Philosophy in Schools:

  • Philosophy in Schools – Resources to support teachers of philosophy at the AS- and A2-level, where to find free philosophy courses and on-hand philosophers and other online resources
  • Answers – Intended to help those teaching philosophy in schools, questions from teachers can be posted to a panel of university level teachers of philosophy who are competent to answer them and willing to do so fairly promptly

Resources for Students:

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