Reports on the underrepresentation of women

BPA/SWIP reports on the underrepresentation of women

Helen Beebee and Jenny Saul have written two reports, ten years apart, on behalf of the BPA and SWIP.

The first, from 2011, contains, amongst other things, statistical information on the representation of women in philosophy in the UK at different career stages (from undergraduate to professor); a brief description of some barriers to women in philosophy, including the well-studied psychological phenomena of implicit bias and stereotype threat, and a list of recommendations that individual staff, students and institutions can follow in order to improve the current situation.

The second, from 2021, provides updated statistical information, a survey of research conducted into the underrepresentation of women since 2011, some information about various recent initiatives and issues (such as intersectionality) that have come to the fore in the last ten years, and links to various resources.

Good Practice Scheme Impact Report

In 2019, Sarah Murphy produced a report on the effects that the GPS has been having on philosophy departments in the UK, based on questionnaires and interviews with relevant staff.

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