Guidance and Resources

Guidance & Resources

Each of these pages includes a link to the relevant set of Good Practice Scheme recommendations and some additional resources that you might find useful in discussions about whether to subscribe to the scheme, or give you some ideas for how to implement various elements of the recommendations.

We have mostly not included any links to relevant research. Some of the research conducted in the last few years into the underrepresentation of women in philosophy is discussed in the BPA/SWIP report, Women in Philosophy in the UK 2021 [link – will be linked to on the Reports page]. A website with searchable database, The Philosophy Exception, has an extensive bibliography of research on equality, diversity and inclusion in academic philosophy.

General guidance on how to subscribe to the GPS: pdf / word

For departments:

For research projects, learned societies and journals:


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 January 16th 2023

Tender for EDI research

The British Philosophical Association (BPA) is inviting tenders to conduct research into the provision and experience of Philosophy in Schools,…

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